Merlette Mission Statement


We believe in empowering consumers around the world with superior choices in all natural, top quality

and earth-friendly personal care products. They are all handcrafted and made with Knowledge, Integrity and Heart.


Our Core Values are not just words on paper, they are true part of our everyday actions:

We act honestly, ethically and honourably in all aspects of our business.

We are dedicated to ensuring every product we manufacture is something we would be proud to bring home to our own families. 

We believe in treating our customers with love, passion and genuine interest, and deliver the best solution possible.

We respect our environment by recycling, reusing and reducing our waste whenever we can.

We purchase fairly traded ingredients from farmers around the world.

We donate and support those in need. 

Merlette's personal care products are chemical free, toxin free, parabens free,

propylene glycol free, synthetic preservatives free, artificial fragrances free, and petroleum free.


Based in Vancouver, British Columbia, we at Merlette believe that personal skin care products should be made from natural materials free of GMO's, petroleum-based products, synthetic fragrances and parabens, suspected of causing cancer and birth defects. To ensure that, we buy the finest ingredients we can find on the market. 

Our products are handmade in small batches.

Our products have expiration dates and rest assured, we'll send you the freshest batch we have. We use our products on a daily basis and stand behind them like no other brand.

We are natural, handmade and local.