How to use Ceramic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser. Merlette Essential Oils tutorial.

One of the ways essential oils to enter to the body is through diffusing. Diffusing essential oils in your airspace is a great way to create a desired atmosphere in your home or office space. When you refresh your airspace with essential oils, you do more than simply diffuse a pleasant aroma. Essential oils allow you to care for your air with the therapeutic benefits they provide.

For example, lavender inspires calm in stressful situations and relaxation, eucalyptus disinfect and create a protecting atmosphere, tea tree purifies and stimulates immunity, lemon helps to concentrate and cleanses, peppermint acts as a mental stimulant and insect repellant, orange helps to overcome melancholy and insomnia. You may also play with blending of essential oils to combine their benefits and create your very own aromatic blend.

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